All kinds of businesses and organizations across Kansas have innovated their workplaces using custom apps on the Claris FileMaker Platform written by Kansas DataWorks. Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

“I’ve got service techs running up and down all over Wichita and Sedgwick and Butler Counties. Before we started using FileMaker on the iPads, we had a heck of a time knowing what all jobs had been completed, which were callbacks for part orders, or customer not home. Now, I can sit in the office and watch in real time as my techs update their daily jobs. Thanks for this awesome app!”

Larry G. – Service Tech Supervisor – Wichita, Kansas

“We’d been using FileMaker for many years, but our database was written by an in-house developer and wasn’t up to snuff. We hired Kansas DataWorks to modernize it. Wow, what a difference having professionals on the job makes. Now the software does everything we wanted it to do, and about 99 other things we didn’t even know were possible.”

Jennifer C. – Non-Profit Coordinator – Manhattan, Kansas

“In the old days I’d have to take notes out on an inspection, take pictures on my digital camera, come back to the office, load the photos to the computer then assemble the mess into a cohesive document for customers. Now, I use FileMaker Go to take notes and photos in the field on my iPad. When I get back to the office I log into FileMaker on my computer, click one button, and the report notes and photos are assembled into a slick PDF report, ready to send to the customer.”

Chip R. – Inspector – Topeka, Kansas