Our Process

At Kansas DataWorks, we use agile software development methodologies based on industry standard data modeling approaches. Data modeling refers to the art and science of defining exactly what it is the custom app needs to do and how the entities that comprise your business processes relate to one another.

Once a rock solid data model is built, we use agile process to quickly create high quality apps. Agile software development is a widely used process whereby software developers collaborate with business owners and/or the business subject matter experts to rapidly define requirements to quickly produce working examples of software solutions for you to try out and fine tune for subsequent development cycles. After a rinse and repeat cycle or two, this iterative process results in a solution that is perfect for your organization.

By using time proven methods of data modeling and agile development, your solution will do everything you need it to, and nothing you don’t need it to. Instead of trying to configure a work around using off the shelf software, we’ll build a database driven custom application custom tailored to your organization’s needs. Let someone else spin their wheels forcing the square peg into the round hole.