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Custom database development

As a FileMaker® Certified Developer, we offer the right expertise for your organization’s unique needs. Get in touch to learn how we can design a custom solution to streamline your scattered information and inefficient processes.

No cost data review

Has your business data gone wild? Do you have Excel spreadsheets just to track other spreadsheets? Get in touch for a free data checkup and learn how affordable a custom solution can be.

Partner with a vetted database professional

FileMaker Business Alliance members have the expereince, knowledge and skill to deliver solutions to enhance your workflow and productivity whether you use Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone or the Web to get your work done.

What We Do

We create powerful and intuitive database solutions for businesses, non-profits, governmental agencies, departmental teams and more. We'll help you improve workflow, increase efficiency, and visualize your data with custom solutions that run on Windows®, Mac®, iPhone®, iPad® and on the web.

From a single user to a network of desktop clients, mobile devices and web users, we'll configure a scalable solution that goes everywhere your business takes you. We use FileMaker as the foundation for your custom workplace innovation platform. Custom apps can be created for any task... organize contacts, track inventory, manage events and much, much more. 


Thanks for having a look and be sure to connect if you are a LinkedIn user. I’m Tony Winter and my interest in software and database development goes back to the spring of 1982 as a fourth grade student in the tiny farming town of Americus, Kansas. One day, the school district’s very first student computers arrived. Though primitive by today’s standards, the exposure to the flickering green screens of the Apple II machines was all it took to become hooked on programming. Through the rest of the 1980’s into middle and high school, I took all the computer and programming classes I could get my hands on.

In the 90’s, I went on to Emporia State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business majoring in Computer Information Systems, graduating Cum Laude. After college I worked as a systems analyst specializing in relational database development and data analytics in Topeka and Kansas City working in the health care, government services and financial services sectors.




At Kansas DataWorks, we use agile software development methodologies based on industry standard data modeling approaches. Data modeling refers to the art and science of defining exactly what it is the database needs to do and how the entities that comprise your business processes relate to one another. These relationships are where the term “relational database” derives its name.

Once a rock solid data model is built, we use agile process to quickly create high quality database solutions. Agile software development is a widely used process whereby software developers collaborate with business owners and/or the business subject matter experts to rapidly define requirements to quickly produce working examples of software solutions for you to try out and fine tune for subsequent development cycles. After a rinse and repeat cycle or two, this iterative process results in a solution that is perfect for your organization.

By using time proven methods of data modeling and agile development, your solution will do everything you need it to, and nothing you don’t need it to. Instead of trying to configure a work around using off the shelf software, we’ll build a database application custom tailored to your organization’s needs. Let someone else spin their wheels forcing the square peg into the round hole.

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